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Before the rest of the world started talking about “Big Data”, the life sciences had already been snowed under by large amounts of data that sat in silos across several databases. At Metaome we are commited to help make sense out of this data. We do this by intelligently connecting the dots. Ram and Kalpana, the founders at Metaome brought domain focused informatics experience to the table to solve this problem. From the onset it was clear that conventional database technologies that were tied to fixed schemas would not yield satisfactory solutions. New paradigms that allowed expressive and open-ended exploration of the relationships across the data needed to be developed. Metaome’s flagship product DistilBio, combines proprietary graph search and data integration technologies to accelerate drug discovery by connecting across diverse data in the life sciences. For the first time scientists have an easy to use, intuitive tool for knowledge discovery and data-driven hypothesis generation. DistilBio also has applications in a wide range of related verticals including personalized medicine, data driven clinician decision support and basic life sciences research.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Semantic Data Integration
  • Bio Informatics
  • Chemo Informatics

Uses AI for

  • Choice Engine
  • Recomender Engine
  • Simpler Choices

Applies AI on

  • Text
  • Images


Kalpana Krishnaswami Kalpana has over two decades of experience in US and India. During her career she has led efforts to develop, manage and bring new products to the market. Her technical background is in computational chemistry and software development. Kalpana has extensive start up experience. She co-founded Jigyasa, an NSF funded eLearning venture in the US. She was also the founding member of Instantiations Inc. (now acquired by Google), Oregon, where she was responsible for their Smalltalk products. Prior to founding Metaome, Kalpana worked for CambridgeSoft as Director Major Accounts and anchored their sales and business development activities in India. Earlier, Kalpana managed the chemoinformatics product portfolio at Jubilant Biosys and led the molecular modeling efforts in the polymer group at GE (JFWTC, India). Kalpana was at UNC-Chapel Hill and the North Carolina Supercomputing Center. She has conducted several National Level workshops in chemoinformatics for Tripos. Kalpana has an integrated MS from IIT, Delhi and a second MS in computational chemistry from Wright State University, US.

Metaome’s team has 11-50 employees.

Technology Stack

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Scala

Bangalore , Karnataka

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