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Brainasoft is into development of distinct and innovative products. Our areas of interest include artificial intelligence, robotics and human-computer interfaces. Utilizing the technological knowledge and area expertise, the highly-skilled team members at Brainasoft are constantly working on various next generation technologies like GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interface), HLI (Human Language Interface), HLP (Human Language Programming) etc. and contributing by developing high quality applications. We are different because we do distinct things differently to create a better future.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Human Computer Interfaces

Uses AI for

  • AI Virtual Assistant
  • AI Chatbot Platform
  • AI Music Search
  • Artificial Brain

Applies AI on

  • Text
  • Images
  • Speech
  • Video


Akash Shastri(CEO) Talking with computers was Akash’s childhood fantasy. Watching sci-fi movies like Terminator, Her, Transcendence, Chappie or Ex-Machina only gave a boost to his curiosity and passion about robotics. In 2010, after Akash had learnt how to program, he started working on building the basic prototype of what’s today called the ‘Braina Artificial Intelligent Software’. It is a Windows software written in C language that lets you interact with your computer using voice commands in English. Interestingly, Braina is not just another Siri or Cortana clone for PC but rather a powerful personal and office productivity tool. Moreover, using speech recognition built in Braina for Android App users can interact with their computer from anywhere in their house over a WiFi network. Back in 2013, when Akash couldn’t juggle his studies with his pet project, Akash decided to drop out of college to dedicated all his time to develop Braina. He then worked 10-12 hours everyday and was able to develop Braina in 5 months. Today, he says his goal is to develop a strong artificially intelligent software that can understand, learn and think just like a human brain.

Brainasoft team has 4 members.

Technology Stack

  • C
  • Microsoft Office Tools

Gujarat , Ahmedabad

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