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At Aindra Systems, our goal is to democratize access to quality healthcare, by using deep technology to realize our vision of accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

As technology enthusiasts, we believe the impact of leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the right way, can deliver more smarter, quicker and reliable systems that will help overcome the existing challenges of the healthcare system.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning

Uses AI for

  • Image Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Healthcare

Applies AI on

  • Images


Hari He is the lead Data Scientist. He is a Masters from IISc, the top technical institute in India. He has about 6 years experience working in the areas of ML, CV, AI, DNN’s. His papers have been accepted in top conferences like MICCAI.

Nirmal She is a Data Scientist with Masters from IISc, the top technical institute in India. He has about 3 years experience working in the areas of ML, CV, AI, DNN’s. He has written papers that have been accepted by top conferences like MICCAI

Aindra Systems ML team has 2 members.

How Machine Learning is being Used

The biological samples are first converted into a large giga pixel sized image. These images are then pre-processed and fed into our Neural Network (DeepCerv) that has been built for classifying the sample into various stage of cervical cancer manifestation. The output from the NN, is then sent to a pathologist for confirmation. The results of this confirmation are then used to re-train the model at regular intervals. The newly trained models are then sent back to the end point computing units.

ML Conferences and Contributions

  • BMVC

Machine Learning Patents

  • Patents are in National Phase application. Details will be provided on request.

Key Innovations and Research Contributions

Our AI platform Astra, is built to detect critical illnesses such as Cancer. Astra is a powerful platform that can be extended to build detection tools for a number of critical illnesses. As the first beachhead, we have developed a point-of-care detection system for Cervical Cancer that is quick, affordable and accessible. CervAstra will enable women to walk-in to their nearest primary health center, get screened and walk out with their reports. It is that simple. Our intelligent screening system CervAstra, tailwinds the development and striking benefits of computational pathology.

Technology Stack

  • AWS
  • Titan X

Bangalore, India

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