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Data Angels

In the list of the world’s 50 smartest companies by MIT Technology review, there are 5 from China, 3 from Japan, 2 from Israel, 6 from Europe and one each from South Korea and Nigeria and the rest from United States. India draws a blank. There is hardly any company from India with worldwide respect for its innovative product or technology. On similar lines, in an earlier article we noted India’s dismal record in machine learning research - Tsinghua University in Beijing alone does more machine learning papers in top conferences every year as compared to the whole of India.

To address this, we are happy to launch Data Angels – angel investors and advisors for the most innovative machine learning led companies from India. These angels have expertise in machine learning and/or experience in building successful technology companies.  (Read more here.)


Varun Aggarwal
Founder and CTO,
Aspiring Minds

Manish Gupta
Xerox Research India

Akshay Kothari
LinkedIn India

Una-May O'Reilly
Principal Research Scientist,

Kunal Shah
Founder & Chairman,

Lav Varshney
Assistant Professor,