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Gramener is a leading data science company with presence in the US, Singapore and India. With a unique consulting-led approach we help clients define business problems and provide actionable insights using our proprietary Analytical Packages, Machine Learning Suite & AI offerings Framework. We enable insights-led decision making for businesses by leveraging an outcome-driven analytics framework. With deep capability in advanced analytics and strong domain skills, we have successfully delivered measurable ROI to clients across 10+ industry verticals. Our team has mastered the implementation of machine learning, deep learning and AI on structured and unstructured data across a variety of predictive and prescriptive analytics engagements.

Products and Services

Gramener’s data science platform, Gramex combines the best in data preparation, machine learning and data visualization. It is architected to enable rapid building of custom analytics products for clients across domains, leveraging pre-built libraries and APIs for natural language generation, deep learning and AI techniques.

Gramener provides specialized services to implement the Gramex platform, based on the industry need and usecase. Gramener’s agile analytics framework helps to quickly implement automated, end-to-end machine learning solutions for clients, with a rapid turnaround.

Gramener also offers analytics products or accelerators that are purpose-built for specified business scenarios, such as behavioral clustering, time series forecasting, natural language processing and recommendation analytics. These products act as standalone analytics solutions with a UI to let users implement machine learning through a click-interface without the need for programming.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning

Uses AI for

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Fraud Detection

Applies AI on

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos


The Gramener machine learning team is multi-skilled with experts drawn from diverse backgrounds - statistics, data engineering, programming and functional analysis. This mix of skills is instrumental in building an end-to-end visual analytics solution, spanning different stages of the machine learning lifecycle.

The team’s expertise in data wrangling to play with data helps handle all kinds of data and extract deep insights. The specialized skills in machine learning helps apply the right statistical techniques and algorithms in modeling business usecases with high accuracy. Deep knowledge in information design and business domain helps present the machine learning outcomes into consumable insights for business users.

Anand S, is Gramener’s CEO and Chief Data Scientist, a highly respected practitioner in the field. With decades of analytics experience, he is ranked amongst the top 10 Data scientists in India. He sets technology direction and charts strategic roadmap for Gramener analytics platform.

Ganes Kesari B is the co-founder and Head of Analytics. With exceptional knowledge in data analytics and information design, he spearheads Gramener’s Innovation in AI and Machine learning. He advises enterprises on strategic data science initiatives, and speaks in data science summits and at leading academic institutions.

Gramener Technology Solutions’s AI team has 80 members.

Key Innovations

Gramener’s key innovation is the creation of a proprietary Data science platform, Gramex. Trusted by 100+ clients for close to a decade, Gramex has been a robust product builder helping create hundreds of end-to-end automated, machine learning solutions across 10+ domains. As part of our continuing innovation, the platform is being augmented with innovative algorithms in deep learning and AI techniques.

Gramener has also innovated in domain-driven analytics by creating several analytics products that provide a rich user experience with click-through interface. These products have capabilities in leading technologies like Natural language generation, Automated analytics, Behavioral clustering and Pricing analytics.

Technology Stack

  • Hadoop
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

India: Hyderabad, Bangalore. USA: Princeton - NJ, Newport Beach - CA and Singapore

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