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We at Flutura believe that the future for Industrial manufacturing companies consist of embracing the outcome economy. This means guaranteeing asset life /residual life outcomes, factory yield outcomes and energy saving outcomes. This large scale shift from selling electro-mechanical products and services is real and happening right now.We believe monetization of outcome economy can be powered by new IOT digital business models around usage based pricing, prognostics As a service, benchmarking as a service etc.We believe that in order To leap frog competition in the outcome economy marketplace, Next generation Signal detection platforms are going to be key lever differentiating the winners from the losers.The Convergence of physical and digital world for assets will usher in next wave of competitive advantage and will herald the next set of changes never before seen after the Industrial revolution.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Big Data

Uses AI for

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Big Data
  • Predictive maintainence

Applies AI on

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Derick Jose (CEO) He is the co-founder of Flutura Decisons and Analytics. He did his undergrad in Mech from BITS, Pilani. He has also worked as the Vice -president for Mind Tree Services.

Flutura’s team has 50-200 members.

Technology Stack

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Data Analytics

Huston , Texas

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