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Machine Learning Research Groups in India

Name University Description Link
MLSIG IISc The group enjoys the presence of several outstanding faculty engaged in cutting-edge research on a variety of aspects of machine learning and related fields, ranging from theoretical foundations to new algorithms as well as several exciting applications
MLSIG IIT-M IIT Madras's Machine Learning Special Interest Group.
Machine Learning and Learning Theory Group IISc Some of our current research directions include designing and analyzing algorithms for problems such as ranking and various types of structured prediction tasks, understanding statistical consistency properties for such problems, exploring new issues in machine learning such as those related to privacy, and selected applications of machine learning in computational biology and medicine.
Vision and Learning Research Group ISI Kolkata Aim of the group is to conduct fundamental and advanced research in the area of computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.
Machine Learning and Data Mining Group IIT-G We are building systems for Wikipedia mining, text to speech synthesis for Indian languages, sports data analytics, real estate price prediction and many more.
InfoLab IIT-B Tthe group covers a wide range of research areas such as databases, data mining, information retrieval, and machine learning.
Centre for Data Engineering IIIT-H We are working in areas of Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing focused on Indian Languages.
IRLAB DAIICT We are working in areas of Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing focused on Indian Languages.
DAIR IIT-D Data Analytics and Intelligence Research (DAIR) is a fledgling research group at IITD-CSE, comprising four faculty members: Amitabha Bagchi, Mausam, Maya Ramanath and Parag Singla. This seminar series is a weekly hangout for all members of the research group as well as those who are interested in joining the group.
MALL IISc One of our primary research goals is to extract, orgazine, and make readily available the knowledge trapped inside such unstructured text data on a large scale. To achieve these goals, our research spans the areas of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
ML-LAB IISc The Machine Learning lab was setup to study theoretical and applied aspects of Machine Learning in various domains. We are interested in : Large Scale convex optimization for learning problems, Multiple Kernel Learning, Robust decision making under uncertainty, Bayesian Nonparametrics, Low-rank Matrix Estimation etc
SIGML IIT Kanpur SIGML - Special Interest Group on Machine Learning of Computer Science, was born out of an effort to bring together people interested in areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining and related fields. It is an endeavour to bring people who share an excitement in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and Data Mining to discuss latest developments and research options. The group aims at organizing problem-solving sessions, seminars, research days, workshops and guest lectures.
Vision IIT Kanpur We are a group of faculty and students working on exciting problems on the recently very popular area of Computer Vision and applied Machine Learning as well as on the intersection of those with Signal Processing and Robotics.
Centre of Excellence in Analytics IDRBT We are working on Predictive Analytics, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Data/Text/Time Series Data Mining, Soft/Fuzzy/Neuro/Evolutionary Computing, Social Media Analytics, Data Imputation, Bankruptcy Prediction and Analytical CRM. The centre focuses on "Beyond Core Banking" to achieve the next big step of business strategy automation and optimisation.

Machine Learning Faculty/Professors in India

Name University Website
Ajit Rajwade IIT Bombay
Amit Awekar IIT G
Amitabha Bagchi IIT Delhi
Amitabha Mukerjee IIT Kanpur
Anirban Dasgupta IIT Gandhinagar
Anoop M. Namboodiri IIIT H
Arjun Jain IIT B
Arnab Bhattacharya IIT Kanpur
Ashish Anand IIT G
Avinash Sharma IIIT H
Balaraman Ravindran IIT Madras
C V Jawahar IIIT H
Chetan Arora IIIT Delhi
Chiranjib Bhattacharyya IISc
Deepak Khemani , IIT Madras
Ganesh Ramakrishnan IIT Bombay
Harish Karnick IIT Kanpur
Kishore S. Prahallad IIIT H
M. Narasimha Murty IISc
Manish Shrivastava IIIT H
Mausam IIT Delhi
Maya Ramanath IIT Delhi
Mayank Vatsa IIIT Delhi
Pabitra Mitra IIT Kgp
Parag Singla IIT Delhi
Partha Talukdar IISc
Piyush Rai IIT Kanpur
Purshottam Kar IIT Kanpur
Pushpak Bhattacharyya IIT Bombay
Richa Singh IIIT Delhi
Saket Anand IIIT Delhi
Saketha Nath Jagarlapudi IIT Bombay
Sanasam Ranbir Singh IIT G
Shivani Agarwal IISc
Soumen Chakrabarti IIT Bombay
Sunita Sarawagi IIT Bombay
Suryakanth V Gangashetty IIIT H
Sutanu Chakraborty IIT Madras
Suyash Awate IIT Bombay
Vinay Namboodiri IIT Kanpur
Vineeth N Balasubramanian IIT H
Vadlamani Ravi IDRBT

Machine Learning People in India

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Name Affiliation Tags
Adhish Prasoon Lead Data Scientist at Mobileum Inc Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Shashank Srikant Senior Research and Development Engineer, Aspiring Minds Automatic Program Grading, Pattern Recognition.
Varun Aggarwal CTO, Aspiring Minds Speech Recognition, Automatic Program Grading
Bhanu Pratap Singh Research and Development Engineer at Aspiring Minds Speech Recognition, Computational Neuroscience
Vivek Gupta Research Fellow, Machine Learning, Natural Language Systems and Applications , Microsoft Research India Natural Langauge Processing and Machine Learning
Gursimran Singh Research and Development Engineer, Aspiring Minds Machine Learning, Automatic Program Grading
Rohit Takhar Research Engineer, Aspiring Minds Automatic Program Grading and Feedback Generation
Dr Tavpritesh Sethi Assistant Professor at IIIT-Delhi Data Science, Healthcare
Shiju S. S. PhD student in machine learning, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Stochastic Gradient Decent (SGD), Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
Saurabh Srivastava Research Scientist- Human Computer Interaction HCI, Data Visualization
Hersh Joshi SkilEmp Tech | Data Analytics | Marketing Automation Information Extraction and Retrieval, Predictive Analytics
Pradeep Mishra Data Scientist at Metacube Software Pvt Ltd Text Mining, Predictive Modelling
Abinash Adhikary Chief Data Scientist at Statistics Statistics, Data Science
Naveen A. CoFounder & Director, Innovatesmind Technologies Big Data Analytics, Predictive Modelling
Vaibhav Rajan Senior Research Scientist at Xerox Research Centre India Machine learning, Bioinformatics
Arijit Biswas Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon Core Machine Learning Deep Learning, Computer Vision
Yogesh Kumar Lead Data Scientist at Annik Technnology Services Pvt. Ltd. Machine Learning, Business Analytics
Kush Khurana Lead Data Scientist at Mobileum Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning
Sreenivas Kalahasti Lead Data Scientist at Vertex Computer Systems Statistical Modelling, Predictive Analytics
Ashish Kumar Lead Data Scientist Envisioning Machine Learning, Data Modeling
Dr. Manish Gupta VP, Xerox Research Center India Machine Learning, Big Data
Renjith Paulose Technical Lead Data Science at Lochbridge Bioinformatics, Predictive Modeling
Ujwal Bhate Machine Learning and Data Monetization C.o.E. Lead at Infosys Statistical Learning, Machine Learning
Avisek Lahiri Post doctoral student, IIT Kharagpur Computer Vision, Image Processing
Anand Mishra Research fellow at IIIT Hyderabad Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision
Nikhil Priyatam Pattisapu PhD Student at IIIT Hyderabad NLP, Artificial Intelligence
Prachi Jain PhD Student at IIT Delhi NLP, Probabilistic Graphical Modeling
Priya Radhakrishnan PhD Student at IIIT Hyderabad NLP, Information Extraction and Retrieval
Sonal Goyal Founder at Nube Technologies Big Data, Machine Learning
Karthik R Data Scientist at Tiger Analytics Pattern Recognition, Statistical Analysis
Sreekanth Vempati Data Scientist at Computer Vision, Image Processing
Nijesh Kanjinghat Data Scientist at IBM NLP, Artificial Neural Networks
Simran Sethi ML engineer/scientist in industry, Innovaccer Inc., Noida Adaptive Partitioning, Bio-informatics
Ghulam Ahmed Ansari Student, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai Recommender systems, Recurrent Neural Networks
Joseph Hosanna Raj I. PhD student in machine learning, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Virtual reality, Computer Vision
Nishant Rao ML engineer/scientist in industry, Yours Honestly Data Analytics, Data Science
Sanket sachdeva ML engineer/scientist in industry, Spade infotech Data Science, Machine learning
Dr. Vandana Dhingra Faculty, Savitribai Phule Pune University Recommender systems, Sentiment Analysis
Shashank Yadav ML student, IIT D Bio-informatics, Computational Neuroscience
Kirubakumaresh Rajendran ML engineer/scientist in industry, IBM, Bengaluru, India Machine learning, Natural Language Processing
Yogesh H. Kulkarni ML engineer/scientist in industry, College of Engineering Pune Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis
Deepak Sharma PhD student in machine learning, NSIT Information Extraction and Retrieval, Natural Language Processing
Akhil P M ML engineer/scientist in industry, MobME Wireless Solutions Ltd. Machine learning, Natural Language Processing
Dhawal Joharapurkar PhD student in machine learning, University of California, Santa Cruz Natural Language Processing, Statistical ML
Yogesh PARTE ML engineer/scientist in industry, Y P Consulting Services, Mumbai Classification, Optimization Algorithms
Sudarsun Santhiappan PhD student at IIT Madras. Previously, BuddiHealth Inc Information Extraction and Retrieval, Statistical ML
Sayan Putatunda PhD student in machine learning, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Data Streams, Statistical ML
Nipun Batra PhD student in machine learning, IIIT Delhi/University of Virginia Computational Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence
Pankaj Malhotra ML engineer/scientist, TCS Research Deep learning, Neural Networks
Gautham Muthuravichandran PhD student in machine learning, Indian Institute of Technology - Madras Trading Predictions, Reinforcement Learning
Srishti Gautam MS student in machine learning, IIT Mandi Medical Image Processing, Computer Vision
Sameer Pitalwalla CEO, Culture Machine, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi Computational Linguistics, Computer Vision
Asif Salim PhD student in machine learning, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Bayesian Networks/Statistics, Pattern Recognition.
Somya Gupta ML engineer/scientist, Flipkart, India Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics
Vikram Garg ML engineer/scientist in industry, Myntra designs Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Bayesian Networks/Statistics, Computer Vision
Akshay Agarwal PhD student in machine learning, IIIT-Delhi Support Vector Machines (SVMs), Computer Vision
Rohit Keshari Biometrics and Machine Learning, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIIT-D), India Recurrent Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition.
Neha Dubey MS(research) student in NLP, IIT madras Computational Linguistics, Information Extraction and Retrieval
G.Devi PhD student in machine learning, IIT Madras Natural Language Processing, Transfer Learning
Hardik Meisheri ML engineer/scientist in industry, Tata Consultancy Services, Gurgaon Natural Language Processing, Optimization Algorithms
Harsh Hemani ML engineer/scientist in industry, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Unsupervised Learning, Speech Recognition
TAPAN SHAH ML engineer/scientist in industry, GE GLOBAL RESEARCH BANGALORE Time series modeling, Predictive Analytics.
Aakarsh Malhotra PhD student in machine learning, IIIT-Delhi Image Processing (face, fingerprint) recog, Small-scale machine learning.
Anshul Solanki ML engineer/scientist in industry, Pitney Bowes , NCR Natural Language Processing, Recurrent Neural Networks
Ritesh Ratti ML engineer/scientist in industry, Pitney Bowes Software , Noida Graphical Models, Information Extraction and Retrieval
Ayesha Siddiqa MS student in Machine learning, Indian institute of technology (Chennai) Active Learning, Bayesian Networks/Statistics
Vivek Murugesan ML engineer/scientist in industry, Crayon Data, Chennai Information Extraction and Retrieval, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing
Shikhar Sharma ML engineer/scientist in industry, Pitney Bowes , Noida Computer Vision, Evolutionary Algorithms
Sohom Ghosh Data Scientist at Times Business Solutions, Noida Natural Language Processing, Recommender systems
Prasad Seemakurthi ML engineer/scientist in industry, American Express Reinforcement Learning, Spam Detection
Shreetam Behera PhD student in machine learning, IIT Bhubaneswar Computer Vision, Machine learning
Vyom Bhardwaj ML engineer/scientist in industry, Muoro Bayesian Networks/Statistics, High Frequency Trading Predictions Pattern Recognition.
Manish Gupta ML engineer/scientist in industry, Microsoft, Hyderabad Information Extraction and Retrieval, Natural Language Processing
Ravneet Singh ML engineer/scientist in industry Deep learning, Recommender systems
Kajal Puri ML engineer/scientist in industry, Parallel Dots, Gurgaon Computer Vision, Machine learning
Jalem Raj Rohit ML engineer/scientist in industry, Episource, Mumbai Big Data, Data Science
Abhinav Litkar ML engineer/scientist in industry, Mobileum, Gurgaon Real-time analytics, Unbiased Generative Semi-Supervised Learning
Anant khannekar ML engineer/scientist in industry, Artificial Intelligence, Prediction Science
Yaasna Dua ML engineer/scientist in industry, InfoEdge ( Deep learning, Machine learning
Zamir Ahmad Siddiqui ML engineer/scientist in industry, Tata Consultancy Services Pune Classification, Clustering
K Santosh ML engineer/scientist in industry, Acalvio Technologies Bangalore Active Learning, Classification
Subir ML engineer/scientist in industry, Delhivery, Gurgaon Sentiment Analysis, Clustering
Saurav Gupta ML engineer/scientist in industry, (Delhi) Computational Neuroscience, Neural Networks
Vaisakh S ML engineer/scientist in industry, Intel Deep learning, Machine learning
Abhinav Kumar ML engineer/scientist in industry, Conduent Labs India, Bangalore Data Analytics, Image Processing (face, fingerprint) recog
Mayank Bhagya ML engineer/scientist in industry, Siftr Labs Computer Vision, Deep learning
Barun Pandey ML engineer/scientist in industry, DELL EMC Neural Networks, Predictive Analytics
Santosh Chapaneri PhD student, St Francis Institute of Technology, Mumbai Information Extraction and Retrieval, Pattern Recognition
Rajeev Gupta ML engineer/scientist in industry, Iqlect Bangalore Big Data, Data Analytics
Nabi Shaikh ML engineer/scientist in industry, Suzlon Energy Ltd Machine learning, Pattern Recognition
Tasleem Shaikh ML engineer/scientist in industry, TATA Consultancy Services, Pune Data Science, Machine learning
Raksha Jalan MS student in Machine Learning, IIIT-H Classification, Deep learning
Bikash Debnath ML engineer/scientist in industry, Eztia Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics
Sayed Zainul Abideen ML engineer/scientist in industry, Haptik Information Extraction and Retrieval, Natural Language Processing
Minta Thomas Asst. Prof in Analytics at Aegis School of Data Science and PhD student at K U Leuven Belgium Data Science, Deep learning
Maneet Singh PhD student in machine learning, IIIT-Delhi Deep learning
Anubhav Kaul Management Consultant Predictive Analytics, Statistical ML
Dr. Niraj Kumar Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Phenompeople Computational Linguistics, Deep learning
Sri Harsha ML engineer/scientist in industry, IIIT-Hyderabad Classification, Evolutionary Algorithms
Soumyadeep Ghosh PhD student in machine learning, IIIT Delhi, India Computer Vision, Deep learning
Gaurav Goswami ML engineer/scientist in industry, IBM India, Bengaluru Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning
Vadlamani Ravi Professor, Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, Hyderabad Data Analytics, Neural Networks
Harsh Joshi ML engineer/scientist in industry, Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd. (New Delhi) Deep learning, Reinforcement Learning
Rajkumar Kannan Professor of Computer Science, Bishop Heber College Autonomous Tiruchirappalli Data Science, Web Mining
BIDYUT KUMAR PATRA Faculty Member, National Institute of Technology Rourkela Clustering, Data Science

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