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Indian Companies and Startups in Machine Learning and Data



There is no consolidated resource for Data and Machine Learning which is centered around the Indian ecosystem. In our aim of fostering the Indian ML eco-system we’ve curated a few reserouces which are India centric.

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Startups/Companies working in the field of Machine Learning in India

A constantly growing list of companies and startups working in the field of Machine Learning in India.

Name Website Description
Aspiring Mindshttp://aspiringminds.comAM Research is a division of Aspiring Minds. Aspiring Minds aspires to build an assessment-driven job marketplace (a SAT/GRE for jobs) to drive accountability in higher education and meritocracy in labor markets. The products developed based on our research has impacted more than two million lives and the resulting data is a source of continuous new research.
AlgoAnalytics has years of expertise in data analytics and quantitative trading. They work at the intersection of mathematics, computer science and other domains. Their core expertise is in the development of advanced mathematical models or solutions for a range of industries, including Retail, Economics, Healthcare, BFSI, and Telecom. They also work in the domain of Trading and have released our own product, the Mutual Funds Action Predictor. They also provide strategy-based investment advice to proprietary trading desks of brokerages, hedge funds, managed funds, corporate treasuries and high net-worth individuals (HNI/Super-HNI).
Aureus is a provider of Big Data & Predictive Analytics products for insurance and banking sector that empower insights at the point of decision.
Innov4Sight Health and Biomedical Systems is a start-up company with great analytical capabilities to access and explore structured and unstructured cancer data. This project has been termed as “ParSight”
Ati Motors electric cargo vehicle.
Auquan aims to build the next-gen algorithmic trading tools and platform to allow anyone to develop high quality trading strategies. We believe that extremely talented people equipped with right knowledge, skills and attitude can design highly successful trading strategies. We want to engage anyone with a quantitative background -ML Engineers, Data Scientists, Developers- anyone with exceptional analytical skills (with or without any finance domain knowledge) and enable them to apply the skills from their respective fields to write successful trading algorithms.
BrainA is a leading human-computer interaction software development company. Our areas of interest include artificial intelligence, command shell and data security.
Cognizant Data Sciences
Crayon Data simplifies the world's choices - powers enterprises with the big data capability to offer ultrapersonalized choices to consumers.
dataweave provides actionable data by aggregating, parsing, organizing and visualizing millions of data points from the Web.
Artivatic is AI/NLP powered next-gen Human Genome Intelligence & voice technology based product to enable enterprises to take help consumers to take automated decisions in real time.
Flutura is a niche Big data analytics solutions company with a vision to transform operational outcomes by monetizing machine data.
Hypothizer provides APIs in Computer Vision using Deep Neural Network. It includes Feature Recognition, Scene Text Recognition, Scene Recognition, Image Segmentation.
KCBS, C-DAC conducts short term courses on data science and provides consultancy in the area to various government and private organisations.
Fractal Analytics
Gemini8 media intelligence platform to listen, engage AND act | Ask for free demo today.
Guavus Data Analytics Applications platform integrated with a suite of next-generation analytics applications for planning, operations and marketing.
HashResearch Lab helps domain such as Business Intelligence, Data Science, Education and Healthcare industries with perfect optimization. We are a team of researcher, we build products that rule the future. We have build an in house data science toolbox with machine learning and predictive analytics called as LitmusBi.
Hyper Vergehttp:// strives to build products that leverage contextual information to help users in their day-to-day life. HyperVerge has developed Image Recognition technology for the identification of people, places, scenes, events, documents and objects within photos. It has also built Photo Rating technology for analyzing the quality of photos to identify the best photos, bad photos, duplicates, spam photos, etc.
Ideata Analyticshttps://ideata-analytics.comIdeata analytics provides an easy to use analytics platform for users to ingest, prepare and analyze data. With out of box connectors to numerous data sources - including Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Google BigQuery,  relational databases, excel sheets, flat files etc. - it gives users direct access to their data to perform deep dive exploration. It provides a self-service data preparation engine for users to perform data cleaning and enrichment on the fly. Using its drag and drop functionality, user can quickly visualize their data and interactively find hidden insights in it.
Innovaccer powerful decisions based on key insights and predictions from your data.
Monsoon CreditTechhttp://monsoonfintech.comMonsoon FinTech is one of Asia’s leading FinTech startups in the area of credit, leveraging its proprietary cutting-edge machine learning technology to enable lenders to make better credit decisions pertaining to a range of retail & business loan products. We work with a range of lenders including banks, NBFCs & online lenders, enabling them to lower delinquency rates & improve approval rates.
Mu Sigmahttp://mi-sigma.comMu Sigma is a leading provider of Big Data and analytics solutions for Fortune 500 organizations, helping them institutionalize data-driven decision making.
MulticoreWarehttps://multicorewareinc.comMulticoreWare has a team of researchers developing advanced Convolutional Neural Network solutions and applies its expertise in heterogeneous computing to enable these applications on low-power embedded, FPGA, DSP, and GPU hardware. Target areas include Automotive (ADAS), Video Quality Control, and Action Detection.
Nebulaa used ML and Image Recognition to solve an age old problem of Indian agriculture market. This device (they call it MATT) can perform the quality testing in one minute that a human takes 30 minutes. They are using Deep Learning to segment and then classify 1500 odd grains under one minute, and this all running on a normal system having i3 processor without internet. MATT will directly benefit farmers to get better prices for their products.
neurIOThttp://neuriot.comneurIOT is a niche supplier of Technology Services in the field of Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IOT). Our solutions involve connected devices having human like intelligence.
Nube Technologieswww.nubetech.coNube is an enterprise software startup that makes tools for master data management, 360 views, data analytics and data quality.
PromptCloud offers customized web scraping, web crawling, & data extraction services for enterprises. Hosted service for large-scale structured data via API
Sigmoid provides a completely managed, enterprise grade platform for Real Time Streaming Analytics for big data on Apache Spark.
Skin Curate is a research company focussed at developing technologies for patient comfort centric total skin theranostics. Spun out by IIT Kharagpur graduates and fuelled by winning the GE Edison Challenge 2013, we hold strong global partnerships in developing affordable, scalable, point-of-care and frugal technological solutions for label free and non-invasive in situ diagnostic imaging and empowering clinical stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries and rest of the world.
NaturalText is a DeepTech company working in the areas of Machine Learning, Natural Language Understand and Artificial Reasoning.
SocialCopshttp://socialcops.comConfronting the world's most critical problems through data intelligence.
Valiance Solutions
Vservhttp://vserv.comVserv, is a mobile ad-exchange that is into mobile and online advertising. Their data team deals with problems like click fraud detection, CTR prediction etc.
SigTuplehttp://sigtuple.comAt SigTuple, we build intelligent solutions for medical diagnosis using state of the art machine learning techniques
LatentView Analyticshttp://latentview.comLatentView is a global digital analytics company, providing solutions with actionable insights for Business, Marketing, Supply Chain & Risk Mitigation.
TARDID Technologieshttp://www.tardidtech.comTARDID bring a scalable super intelligent tool to you, so that you don’t wait until the problem comes to you - by using effective and efficient guided alarms you will be able to attend to problems even before they surface. Let your machines interact and manage themselves efficiently than a human can do.
Ogive Technologyhttp://www.ogivetechnology.comOgive Technology is the perfect partner for those seeking an innovative approach, viable and cost effective solutions or services. Our diversified technical exposure in various disciplines and extensive exposure to various industrial domains such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Finance, Manufacturing, Medical and Transportation is invincible.
Space-O Technologieshttp://www.spaceotechnologies.comSpace-O Technologies was ‘born’ from the desire to bring the finest and best engineers from around the globe together to create specialized, unique, and highly-functional apps for millions of users in for business and personal use.
TechVantage Systemshttp://www.techvantagesystems.comTechVantage is a fast growing Analytics Company committed to help organizations take learned decisions by deriving insights from the vast amount of structured and unstructured data. TechVantage combines the deep skills in Data Science with the ability to develop high performance software to help organizations gain competitive edge.
ThougthSmith Innovationshttp://www.thoughtsmith.inThoughtSmith Innovations is aggressively exploring ML and AI to improvise the efficiencies of currently available systems in various domains. Right now we are working on couple of products. First One is 'JINK', that is new generation job search and career elevation platform. Another one is 'iSee, an android that can recognize any Indian car and provide contextual information to the user about the vehicle. This is powered by ML with TensorFlow and GCP.