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Dataswft is software product for Data Driven Experiences. Dataswsft is ideal for new product/service initiatives whose success is hinged on reliable insights and actionable predictions mined from large scale data at great speed. Dataswft product combines big data engineering with advanced machine learning.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Big Data

Uses AI for

  • Reiable Predictions
  • Adavanced ML

Applies AI on

  • Text
  • Images


Abinasha Karana Building a sub-second interactive database for large scale machine data (100’s of Terabytes) stored across In-memory (DRAM), SSD, HDD, and Objectstores.

Focused on building a search engine, HSearch whose indexes are served from Hadoop HBase.

Dataswft’s team has 11-50 members.

Technology Stack

  • Hadoop
  • Data Analytics

Bangalore, Karnataka

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