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Hypothizer is a document processing SaaS platform to capture intelligence-ready data from documents. We use deep learning, computer vision and NLP technologies to bring unprecedented accuracy and automate manual data entry.

Hypothizer was founded by three IIT Roorkee and one University of Twente alumni. The founding team has more than two decades of combined industry experience. Our investors are Polestar Solutions & Services India Private Limited, and IIM Lucknow.

Products and Services

Our product is to capture intelligence-ready data from structured and unstructured paper documents. We use Computer Vision to capture the words from documents and NLP to assign the words to the fields. We use Deep Learning in Computer Vision and NLP.

Subfields of AI Being Used

  • Bayesian Networks/Statistics
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Analytics

Uses AI for

  • Image Based Search
  • Finance
  • Enterprise Software

Applies AI on

  • Text
  • Images


Raja Raghudeep Emani: He is co-founder at Hypothizer and works on Computer Vision. Raja has done MS in Advanced Image Processing from University of Twente, Netherlands. Previously, he was working at MapmyIndia as a Deep Learning/Computer Vision Engineer.

Devendra Pratap Singh: He is co-founder at Hypothizer and works on Natural Language Processing. Devendra has done B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Roorkee. Previously, he was working at Samsung as a Machine Learning/Cloud Computing Engineer.

Hypothizer ‘s AI team has 2 members.

Key Innovations

We developed Deep Learning models to bring unprecedented accuracy on capturing the data from hand-filled forms.

Technology Stack

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Torch


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