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ML-India is pleased to announce that it organized the third meetup in its Mumbai chapter on 9th April 2017. The agenda of the meetup was to teach people how to do ‘Sentiment Analysis of Tweets’.

The meetup started with a brief overview on python. Ipython notebook was provided along with twitter api, account creation and application related info. They had a discussion about Pandas for data preprocessing techniques. TextBlob library was discussed in detail with examples of techniques like noun phrase chunking, POS tagger, Sentiment Analysis and others. After discussing learning all these standalone techniques, they covered the end-to-end scenario by taking input data from twitter, storing it in pandas dataframe format, applying sentiment analysis on the dataframe, and then populating the results for clear understanding.

Click here to download the slide deck from the talk.

To download the iPython notebook, click here.

They had around 20+ people attending the session this time, and the audience asked really interesting questions about Sentiment Analysis, pandas and others. The response and feedback from the participants was very encouraging. We’ll keep up with having such engaging meetups on ML, and having researchers and practitioners involved in ML to discuss their work and insights.

Looking forward to more interesting meetups in the future. Spread the word to your friends in Mumbai to enroll for the meetups. A big thanks to folks from Upgrad for hosting us at their space this time.

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