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ML-India is pleased to announce its tenth machine learning meetup in its Gurgaon chapter which was held on 14th May, 2017.

In this meetup, they had two guest speakers, Dr.Navdeep and Dr. Siju. Both of them are pursuing their PhD at AIIMS. They are actively working in the field of neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Their current work is at the intersection of medicine and machine learning to solve problems in Cognitive Neuroscience. The abstract of the talk and some of his work is mentioned below:

Cognitive neuroscience deals with the mechanisms of perception, attention, memory and motor output of the brain. Overall understanding can be used to enhance certain dimensions of cognition, treat the disorders and develop brain-machine interfaces. EEG, ECoG, Single neuron recording and fMRI are the most commonly used tools to study cognition. The signals recorded by these tools are mixed signals generated from various neural sources. Machine learning has the potential to be used to classify the signals and understand the meaning inherited in them.

There were around 20 people attending the session. The attendees ranged from corporate professionals to doctorate graduates to students pursuing B.Tech and science related fields. This led to an interesting discussion where questions were raised to bridge the gaps which medical and engineering fields are unable to fill individually.

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