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ML-India is pleased to inform that the fifth ML-India meetup in its Gurgaon chapter was held on 27th November 2016.

In this meetup, the members discussed the learnings and the doubts that they had from Week 1 of CS231, a computer vision and deep learning course offered by Stanford. The members then sat in groups and completed the first assignment of the course. Many interesting discussions revolved around the doubts and assignment questions.

There were some new members as well who participated in the meetup. A couple of members who have made significant progress in the course helped the new members in getting accommodated with NumPy and other Python libraries which are required in the course. The members also discussed amongst themselves the progress on different kaggle competitions that they are participating in.

The meetup ended after the groups had completed their assignments and were done with the discussions. The group decided to complete the Week 2 of the course, so that they can carry forward and complete the second assignment in the next meetup.

The meetups are gaining a good momentum in Gurgaon. Looking forward to more interesting meetups in the future. Spread the word to your friends from Gurgaon/Delhi to enroll for the meetups.

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