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We are pleased to announce that as an initiative ​of ML-India, we have started it’s Bangalore chapter. The aim is to hold frequent meetups where machine learning enthusiasts can meet and discuss the latest in the field. A big shout out to Sritualsi Edpugnati who is leading this initiative in Bangalore.

We started off with an event last Saturday (27/2/2016), where the group discussed the paper: A Machine Learning Approach to Twitter User Classification by Pennacchiotti et al. [Link]. Here is Sritulasi’s take on the event -

We had the first ever meetup for ML-India on 2/27 at Aspiring Minds office in Bangalore. The agenda of the meetup was to introduce Machine Learning to the group and discuss Gradient Boosted Decision Tree algorithm, LDA topic modelling and other content from the “Twitter User Classification” paper. Around 10 ML enthusiasts (background - students, software engineers, product engineers and analysts) turned up at the event and had glanced through the paper prior to the event. Right after the presentation, we had a discussion on how supervised learning is used in the industry (e.g. search, and recommendations).  We also discussed whether semi-supervised algorithms would have performed better (in the context of paper). The overall energy and enthusiasm in the group about working in ML was amazing to see. Working on kaggle projects and having industry ML speakers were identified as some areas we can focus on in the subsequent meetups. Really looking forward to this!

Spread the word to yourself/your friends from Bangalore enroll for the meetups.

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If you wish to start a chapter of ML-India in your city, we would be more than happy to help you out and get it started. Write us a mail!