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We are pleased to inform that the eighth ML-India meetup in its Bangalore chapter was held on 28th January 2017.

In this meetup, they had a guest speaker, Ms. Chandini Jain. Chandini is an ex - Derivatives Trader, Optiver with 5 years of experience in finance. She worked as an analyst with Deutsche Bank prior to joining Optiver in Chicago where she employed data science and statistical models to trade various products.

The speaker discussed how people with ML, data and math skill and no finance domain knowledge can use the modeling techniques in their field to write successful trading strategies. Specifically, she talked about the steps of algo-trading - choosing a strategy, back- testing, and execution, and how one can create and backtest trading strategies in Python. They had a good discussion on how latest news or trending topics effect the trading strategy and companies’ decisions to incorporating it. At the end of the talk, she introduced her company, Auquan, that creates next generation of quants by making algorithmic trading skills accessible to everyone.

Click here to download the slide deck from the talk.

They had around 30-35 people who attended the meetup, all from diverse professions, including people who do algo-trading as a job or as a hobby. The participants really enjoyed the meetup and said that they got to meet like minded people. We’ll keep up with having such engaging meetups on ML, and having researchers and practitioners involved in ML to discuss their work and insights. Looking forward to future meetups.

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