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ML-India is pleased to announce that it organized the second meetup in its Mumbai chapter on 4th March 2017.

They had a guest speaker, Manas Ranjan Kar, NLP/ML Product Architect at Episource LLC, who gave an introduction to Natural Language Processing and talked about his experience in using it in his daily life production systems in the industry. The talk went into details of the concepts that are essential to getting started with NLP - like tokenization, stemming, parts-of-speech tagging etc., and they discussed how one can go about identifying the problems in a real world context. Manas gave a lot of examples from his past experience, like when he worked with Zomato reviews. He also explained his work on analysing discharge summaries at Episource LLP (his current company).

Click here to download the slide deck from the talk.

They had around 40 people attending the session this time, and the audience came up with really interesting questions about using NLP in various problems that they were working on. Beginners looked forward to some hands-on exercises to get practical exposure on some sample problems as well. Participants also expressed interest in exploring other active research areas that involved machine learning.

The response and feedback from the participants was very encouraging. We’ll keep up with having such engaging meetups on ML, and having researchers and practitioners involved in ML to discuss their work and insights.

Looking forward to more interesting meetups in the future. Spread the word to your friends in Mumbai to enroll for the meetups. A big thanks to folks from Upgrad for hosting us at their space this time.

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If you wish to start a chapter of ML-India in your city, we would be more than happy to help you out and get it started. Write us a mail!