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ML-India is pleased to inform that the third ML-India meetup in its Bangalore chapter was held last Saturday (30th April).

The meetup organized by Sritulasi involved a discussion on the significance of the role of a data scientist and a workshop on Neural Networks. They had a speaker - Venkata Pingali, founder of Scribble Data. He gave out good insights into how disciplined data scientists need to be in their processes, since the results of their work will lead to a real life impact like firing people, reallocating budgets etc. To provide a streamlined process for working with data and building models on top of it, he built a tool - dgit (essentially data git), which audits every modification and action that has been taken with the data. It was quite an interesting talk.  

After the talk, they held a workshop. One of the participants of the meetup group, Vadiraj, volunteered to host the workshop on Neural Networks. He put together an ipython notebook including some theory and working code of implementing neural networks for digit classification on MNIST dataset. The ipython notebook was shared with the group.   

The participation, response and feedback from the participants was very encouraging! The audience enjoyed the discussion. We’ll keep up with having such engaging meetups on ML, and having researchers and practitioners involved in ML to discuss their work and insights. Looking forward to future meetups. Spread the word to your friends from Bangalore to enroll for the meetups.

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