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Indian research groups in the field of machine learning and data science



There is no consolidated resource for Data and Machine Learning which is centered around the Indian ecosystem. In our aim of fostering the Indian ML eco-system we’ve curated a few reserouces which are India centric.

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Machine Learning Research Groups in India

A list of research groups in India which are working in machine learning and data science.

Name University Description Link
MLSIG IISc The group enjoys the presence of several outstanding faculty engaged in cutting-edge research on a variety of aspects of machine learning and related fields, ranging from theoretical foundations to new algorithms as well as several exciting applications
MLSIG IIT-M IIT Madras's Machine Learning Special Interest Group.
Machine Learning and Learning Theory Group IISc Some of our current research directions include designing and analyzing algorithms for problems such as ranking and various types of structured prediction tasks, understanding statistical consistency properties for such problems, exploring new issues in machine learning such as those related to privacy, and selected applications of machine learning in computational biology and medicine.
Vision and Learning Research Group ISI Kolkata Aim of the group is to conduct fundamental and advanced research in the area of computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.
Machine Learning and Data Mining Group IIT-G We are building systems for Wikipedia mining, text to speech synthesis for Indian languages, sports data analytics, real estate price prediction and many more.
InfoLab IIT-B Tthe group covers a wide range of research areas such as databases, data mining, information retrieval, and machine learning.
Centre for Data Engineering IIIT-H We are working in areas of Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing focused on Indian Languages.
IRLAB DAIICT We are working in areas of Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing focused on Indian Languages.
DAIR IIT-D Data Analytics and Intelligence Research (DAIR) is a fledgling research group at IITD-CSE, comprising four faculty members: Amitabha Bagchi, Mausam, Maya Ramanath and Parag Singla. This seminar series is a weekly hangout for all members of the research group as well as those who are interested in joining the group.
MALL IISc One of our primary research goals is to extract, orgazine, and make readily available the knowledge trapped inside such unstructured text data on a large scale. To achieve these goals, our research spans the areas of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
ML-LAB IISc The Machine Learning lab was setup to study theoretical and applied aspects of Machine Learning in various domains. We are interested in : Large Scale convex optimization for learning problems, Multiple Kernel Learning, Robust decision making under uncertainty, Bayesian Nonparametrics, Low-rank Matrix Estimation etc
SIGML IIT Kanpur SIGML - Special Interest Group on Machine Learning of Computer Science, was born out of an effort to bring together people interested in areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining and related fields. It is an endeavour to bring people who share an excitement in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and Data Mining to discuss latest developments and research options. The group aims at organizing problem-solving sessions, seminars, research days, workshops and guest lectures.
Vision IIT Kanpur We are a group of faculty and students working on exciting problems on the recently very popular area of Computer Vision and applied Machine Learning as well as on the intersection of those with Signal Processing and Robotics.
Centre of Excellence in Analytics IDRBT We are working on Predictive Analytics, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Data/Text/Time Series Data Mining, Soft/Fuzzy/Neuro/Evolutionary Computing, Social Media Analytics, Data Imputation, Bankruptcy Prediction and Analytical CRM. The centre focuses on "Beyond Core Banking" to achieve the next big step of business strategy automation and optimisation.