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Indian research groups in the field of machine learning and data science

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Machine Learning professors in India

Name University Website
Ajit RajwadeIIT Bombay
Amit AwekarIIT G
Amitabha BagchiIIT Delhi
Amitabha MukerjeeIIT Kanpur
Anirban DasguptaIIT Gandhinagar
Anoop M. NamboodiriIIIT H
Arjun JainIIT B
Arnab BhattacharyaIIT Kanpur
Ashish AnandIIT G
Avinash SharmaIIIT H
Balaraman RavindranIIT Madras
C V JawaharIIIT H
Chetan AroraIIIT Delhi
Chiranjib BhattacharyyaIISc
Deepak Khemani ,IIT Madras
Ganesh RamakrishnanIIT Bombay
Harish KarnickIIT Kanpur
Kishore S. PrahalladIIIT H
M. Narasimha MurtyIISc
Manish ShrivastavaIIIT H
MausamIIT Delhi
Maya RamanathIIT Delhi
Mayank VatsaIIIT Delhi
Pabitra MitraIIT Kgp
Parag SinglaIIT Delhi
Partha TalukdarIISc
Piyush RaiIIT Kanpur
Purshottam KarIIT Kanpur
Pushpak BhattacharyyaIIT Bombay
Richa SinghIIIT Delhi
Saket AnandIIIT Delhi
Saketha Nath JagarlapudiIIT Bombay
Sanasam Ranbir SinghIIT G
Shivani AgarwalIISc
Soumen ChakrabartiIIT Bombay
Sunita SarawagiIIT Bombay
Suryakanth V GangashettyIIIT H
Sutanu ChakrabortyIIT Madras
Suyash AwateIIT Bombay
Vinay NamboodiriIIT Kanpur
Vineeth N BalasubramanianIIT H